• Can I earn fees by coaching clients using the #Oola coaching materials and programs?

    Yes! Whether you coach full-time or as a side business, you’ll earn 80% of the 10-week Oola Coaching Program—plus even higher percentages when you sell future coaching programs such as debt reduction, divorce recovery, time management, fitness, and more. We only ask to keep a small percentage of sales on our packaged coaching programs to cover our development, technology and administrative costs. And, of course, you can always sell your private coaching services and keep 100% of your hourly fees—plus you’ll always keep 100% of your speaking fees if you choose to become a professional speaker or trainer.

  • Will I get to interact with Dave and Troy personally?

    Absolutely! One of the most impactful elements of the Certified OolaLife Coach training is being able to learn directly from us—Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy—every month as you learn the Oola principles and coach others in this important work. We’ve been successful coaches ourselves—and we’ve seen virtually every aspect of the human condition at our live events and during our small-town booksignings. We can advise you on: how to work with clients; how to facilitate change using the OolaWheel, OolaPlan and OolaPath; how to “credentialize” yourself as an authority when you’ve never done coaching before; plus so much more! To make sure you get access to us and have a chance to ask us questions, we hold monthly advisory calls for OolaLife Coaches designed to teach you a new technique, but also address questions. In addition to our help, we’ll assign a Master Coach to work with you twice a month (in group format) to make sure you’re comfortable with the entire process of coaching your clients through the Oola packaged coaching programs. Want to try your hand at speaking or working with small groups? Yeah, your Master Coach can help with that, too, and you can always pose a question in the private Facebook group just for Oola Coaches.

  • What will happen once I register online to become a Certified Oola Life Coach?

    Immediately upon registering, you’ll receive both an email confirmation of your registration, plus an email shortly thereafter from your assigned Master Coach, welcoming you to the OolaLife Coaching Community and asking you to schedule your private onboarding and business-building call.

  • Will this help my existing business grow? Can I turn this into a successful new business?

    That’s our goal! In addition to all you’ll learn and do to help others, you’ll also be learning to better manage your own life, business, relationships and more. Not only that, but we’ll teach you to be a better marketer of your services. We’ll help you prioritize your business activity and focus on the highest and best use of your time. We’ll guide you as you grow in new skills and expertise. We’ll do all this because, unless you are successful as a Certified OolaLife Coach (and others like you), we can’t reach our own goal of changing the word with the Oola formula.

  • What does being “Certified” mean?

    Our online portal contains an entire series of training videos, documents, brief exams about what you’ve just studied, and associated materials to help you learn and teach the individual Oola principles. Study each module in sequence, then your successful completion of each exam will “unlock” the next module in your training. After completing all modules online, you’ll be fully trained to successfully coach the 10-week Oola Coaching Program to the public—and add the Oola principles to other work that you do. This successful completion of the modules activates your certification as a Certified Oola Life Coach. Simply participate in the ongoing training calls with Dr. Dave and Dr. Troy, begin coaching clients or presenting the Oola principles in your other work, and maintain your status as a Certified Oola Life Coach (including the modest monthly fee), and your status will remain “Certified.”

  • Why is there a $97/month charge in addition to the initial training fee to become a coach?

    Many of the most popular train-the-trainer and coach-development programs out there charge exorbitant fees, then turn you loose to make a success of your new business by yourself. But we want to continually provide you with the tools, coaching packages, and personal assistance you need to succeed—for years, if you choose. That support costs money—for development, technology, marketing campaigns and more—yet your monthly fee is just a fraction of what you’d earn from just one new coaching client per month. We’re keeping costs low in order to support literally thousands of potential OolaLife Coaches worldwide.

  • What happens if my monthly payment of $97 lapses?

    You’ll always be able to sell your private coaching services and speaking engagements, but you won’t be able to facilitate the Oola coaching packages with clients, nor will you receive further Zoom calls with us, professionally designed marketing materials, Master Coach assistance, or a share of the price received for Oola coaching packages sold online. Additionally, you’ll no longer be able to use the “Certified OolaLife Coach” logo/designation until your monthly fee is brought current again.

  • What else can I do with the training I’ll receive to become a Certified Oola Life Coach?

    Manage your time better… build the business you’ve always wanted… operate in a worldwide market by recruiting coaching clients across town or around the world… get healthy… improve how you manage your finances… make friends… join a new professional network of like-minded OolaLife Coaches… become an agent of transformation in people’s lives… help us change the world with a word. #Oola